Multi-Age Learning Cohorts


If everyone were on the same page...

Math, science, art, philosophy, language & literature classes collaborate & strengthen each other.  Knowledge & skills anchor to the big human story.  Classmates & even siblings learn together, teach themselves & one another.


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Honing Skills

With the encouragement of SMART goals, Advisors & Mentors, Students hone math, grammar, research & writing skills at their own pace.

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Acquiring Knowledge

Instructors introduce a timeline of History, Literature, Math, Science & Arts in fascinating hands-on classes.

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Surmounting Challenges

Students solve real-world problems through group projects and individual research and present their solutions to families and friends.


“Last year was the perfect combination of tutoring & classes. I was amazed at the extent of academic growth in just one year.” —mom of a 5th grader

Weekly Assessments

Quizzes, Tests & Presentations weekly

Feedback surveys from Students & Parents weekly

Goal-Tracking progress during Advisory weekly

Parent/Student/Teacher Advisory each session

Awards for Achievements each session

Standardized testing yearly