Why is the school called Chronos?

Chronos is a transliteration of the Greek word χρόνος meaning time. Each week of school is a stop on our diachronic time-travel as we study history, science, math, literature, philosophy and art synchronically from a concurrent time.

A Micro-school is a private school that is intentionally small so students can benefit from individualized classwork, multi-age group projects, and other unique experiences. Because Chronos Academy has only 40 students, they can Make projects every day, present essays & research weekly, set and achieve their own goals, and thrive.

What is a Micro-School?

How much homework do Chronos Academy students have?

Almost none. Most classwork is completed in each class. Students complete math, writing assignments, diagramming, Latin/Greek and analytical reading assignments during Quest & Tutorial time. At home students discuss what they’ve learned with their parents, complete a feedback survey every Friday and choose the topic that most interests them to research and present on the following week.

Yes, K-4th grade students receive one hour per week of individual tutoring to use for math, writing, language and/or presentations. 5th-8th graders receive two.

Is individual tutoring included?

Are Chronos students gifted?

Some are gifted, but all are motivated and curious learners who are willing to work independently as well as in multi-age groups.

In lieu of grades, Chronos Academy students earn Awards for skills, knowledge & achievements. During weekly Advisory, students assess their progress on goals from the previous week and set new goals for the next. Parents weigh in on this process with weekly feedback surveys and during Parent/Student/Teacher Advisory each session.

How do you grade?

We use computers as tools not teachers. Students may not use computers during classes, but do have access to a limited list of learning sites before and after school, during Tutorial, and up to two hours Monday morning during Quest time for research and online academics. In collaboration with parents, we maintain a healthy balance of screen time for each student.

How much time do students spend on computers at school?

Weekly Advisory includes a check up on each students SEL goals & progress. Students are expected to Respect Others And Their Stuff (ROATS), own up to their mistakes, and encourage and support one another every day. We start each day with shout-outs about “ROATSy” deeds and ideas of how to be ROATSy during the day.

What is your Social Emotional Learning Program?

When a student is not respecting others or their stuff, they receive a gentle warning first, then a few minutes break alone second. If a third warning is needed, parents are asked to pick up the student to regroup at home for the next day.

What is your discipline policy?

We maintain at most an 8:1 student faculty ratio. Classes have 8-12 students.

What is your student-faculty ratio?

Chronos students have continued their education at The Branson School, Cate School, San Domenico School, Credo High School, Cardinal Newman High School, Drake High School and have performed well.

Will Chronos Academy prepare my child for high school & college?

“Before my daughter started Chronos, her reading comprehension score was average or a little above, but now it’s almost off the chart!!! I’m making sure she’ll take Latin next year at Cardinal Newman to keep this up.” —mom of an 8th grader

“A huge thank you for your endorsement to San Domenico!  We are so excited she got in - and we appreciate the time you took to help us.” —mom of an 8th grader

Yes, each summer we preview the following year’s content in Maker Camp. It’s a fabulous opportunity to get a taste of the Chronos approach for a week or two.

Does Chronos Academy have a summer program?